Friday, January 4

one million colors of paper, tape, and yarn

Vermont Studio Center (October)
Blame it on my stolen computer, the holiday laziness slump, or the rain; but two months later here is the second part of my Vermont work I've been meaning to post.
If you look closely you can see the housefly hanging out on this one.

Some bigger versions of the drawings i've been up to. These start as giclee prints of enlarged to-do lists, paired with a newer idea: construction paper/electrical tape 'drawings'.


pandorasbox said...

have you ever heard of Tressa Prisbrey of Bottle Village?

pandorasbox said...

Your soap wall reminds me of Bottle Village in Simi Valley CA. Tressa Prisbrey used found objects to create her bottle houses, out of glass bottles like coke, whiskey, bleach, milk of magnesia, headlights, license plates, bed springs, doll heads etc. Ask Jessica, my Jared and Chase what they remember about Bottle Village...:-D

It was nice to meet you, you play a mean game of Cranium...:-D I wish you much luck in your art career and your future endeavors...

d/b/c/m said...

LOVE these. love that you can use so much color and still maintain so much grace.