Thursday, January 10

one million mystery berlin residencies

As some of you know, I will be boarding a plane in a week for Berlin for a residency I know almost nothing about. Now I know a little more due to this new "webbsajt for Kompact Living Space":

After Berlin I'd like to invite anyone who can to join me for Casey Jex Smith's show at the Drawing Center in SoHo on February 22nd (worth crossing the country). Soooo excited!

And then, as predicted and as depicted above, I'm launching from New York into Mexico City!


hermanfox said...

what's in mexico city? i've been wanting to do art down there for a while, but don't know much about it. let me know how it goes.

(i met you in a crit at byu, in case you forgot who i am.:)

justin said...

yep. good to see you and get tips on love and beards. your blog is dope. Dude, love berlin. love it. I'm so stoked for you.