Friday, January 18

one million toads, ballerinas, and frosties

Six weeks ago I made two new "Kitsch Paintings" while in Richmond but never took photos of them before taking-off for the holidays in Utah. Then last week I made one in Utah also. Here are the snapshots of the three together then:

"Toad Trap"

I found these garden toads in Vermont and couldn't pass them up. Since I was focused on other work I boxed them up and mailed them to myself in Richmond so that they could be permanently organized into this tar black rubbery trapezoid they were begging for.

"It All Comes to a Head"

While working with the toads I was also making the soap installation (a few posts down) and came across a huge box of these ballerinas I bought with Casey Smith when we were shopping in a dollarstore in Alameda. I went with the triangle form on this one - I love how the jagged bottom gives a stealth fighter reference against the feel of the pink color field.

I was pleasantly unprepared for the field of Larry Poons-esque gold ovals dotting the surface: 'made in china' stickers .

I got seasonal with my thrifting in Utah and gathered all the snowmen in for this one.


stackingchairs said...

"it all comes to a head" has a similar feel to your homage to Guston bild. Brilliant work!

Nattie said...

I still love these.

d/b/c/m said...

love the holiday one! i'd put that up over a wreath any day.

Erik Dalzen said...

Carrie just introduced me to your blog. Your work is really great. I hope to see it in person sometime.