Monday, June 11

one million art magazine ads

You know that new summer Artforum that's extra thick yet has less articles than usual because its ALL ads? Well, this is one may have seemed not worth your time but I think you should pay special attention to it:

not the chicken part...this part

Come one come all for I shall be showing with my Richmond friends at a Chelsea gallery this Friday.
I blog this minutes before driving the moving truck of art up to New York City with Andy Kozlowski where we will install the show. I'll be there for the week until the show so talk to you then!


dallapozza said...

so the show starts on saturday?

Cache said...

every time i come to your blog, i think the sound of your hulk smash is part of the song playing in iTunes. And it always sounds good!

Cache said...

I don't know if this is on par with your Tuttle/Jackson discovery, but what do you think of this one: click