Tuesday, June 5

one million hulk smashes in Utah

Hulk Smash II

So I've been in Utah for jaredday 2007 and this is hot off the press from a few hours just tonight thanks to

A. Scientist Elliott Carter Ferris who diligently collected Styrofoam for months from the laboratories of the University of Utah
B. Artist/Designer/Genius Chris Coy who filmed and did all the technical work to get this video on here (see his website and/or blog soon)
C. Universal Post studios in Salt Lake City who let us film after hours
D. Seventy-Sixer Mike "Squarehead" Evans for his film experience and enthusiasm
E. Father John Edward Clark for his wardrobe and his genes which bring the Clark's physical potential close to hulk standards
F. Dumpster Diving and R.C. Willey for extra Styrofoam finds this week
G. Lou Ferigno and the Incredible Hulk

My cameraphonephoto of the Bild

This has been in the works since my friends at home saw the first HulkSmash and we schemed over my Christmas break in Utah on how to film it better. Who knew it would really happen.


savoury toothed tiger said...

i couldn't quite figure out how to embed the quicktime. if you're in safari you don't get to see all of it. Go here to see the whole thing.

Cache said...

so so awesome.

Cache said...

and: is that temple garb?

stackingchairs said...

be still my heart. call me sometime.

Sarah said...

I can't figure out how to bring up the image... All I get is the audio...the link wouldn't pop the pic up either..any suggestions?

elliottcarter said...

Scientist keep bringing me styrofoam; there must needs be another chapter.

if you can't bring up the image, try mozilla.

ruel denis rich brown said...

Word can not describe the glee I am feeling after watching this masterpiece. Amazing, Bruce Banner would be proud.

D/B/c/m said...

that left me giddy for art.