Friday, June 8

one million tiny tuttles

I'll be blogging from my camera phone for another little bit here til i upload my new photos from an older camera. This little morsel comes from my layover in New York a week ago - a whole day of a layover with enough time to have Chipotle with Jeffrey, find Cindy, Rebecca, and Jaron at Mood (Project Runway...), and Richard Tuttle at Sperone Westwater. I'll be back in three days so maybe I'll see this show again - totally worth it.

So Tuttle is a favourite artist of mine so you'd think that i get his work. I thought so until just read this artist statement about the show:
"It is my first exhibition using sculptural space in concrete relationships between material and illusion to explore time. Each work has within itself a new definition of matter constructed neither from originary nor non-oringinary time, but from a pre-codified version of ITS time - a ticking clock inside denotes temporality in non-comparable actions."
I need to go back a second time this week...hah second TIME. maybe i'm close to solving this....

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