Wednesday, June 20

one million VCU sculptures in Chelsea

Kim Foster Gallery


Alright, i'm back after a week in New York City and am ready to dump the art upon you. One of the nice things about blogging this show is that some of the photos lost with my stolen computer are repeated here with some of the thesis work of my friends.

Matt Sphar

Rosemarie Padovano

David Herbert

Jnel Iglesias

Ross Caudill

Ben Jones

AJ Liberto

Miriam Ewers

Nathan Carder


Taylor Baldwin

Unfortunately - besides forgetting Angie's last name (i think its White) and getting a horrible view of Matt's glass surfboard and model ship - i thought i would have more time to get better and more photos of the show by the time i came back down from the painter's gallery so some artists are missing- but this is not the only place to see the show. link to brigham's blog for more >>>>>>>>>>

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