Wednesday, June 20

one million paintings upstairs

Rachel Hayes

This is a nice overlap in of textiles in Rachel's "painting"

Jason Coates' new "Sheriff" was talked about all week among the painters as a favourite. He first made a computer art image and then reproduced it as a painting

Mike Erickson's ski mask garden waterer lurked unnoticed by many in the crowd

Saul Becker's impeccable landscapes

A small Sall

Jody Schwab

Jorge Benitez's politically charged proposals

Our view of the Frank Gehry! (currently featured in Metropolis magazine

Carmen McCloud came!


I love this cube

Jason + Carrie Coates, Andy + Nicole

Andy Kozlowski

Wall: Calvin Burton's "Four Views of Mount Fugi"
Floor: Mike Erickson's mirror cube

Heather Harvey

Jason Coates' 'mad corn' painting as titled by the Mulcock brothers who coveted it for their financial district apartment

A Lauren Clay tour de force (all hand painted and all paper)

Mike Erickson and a Marian Smith painting about sympathy for Anna Nicole Smith

Calvin Burton emphatically discusses graphs as postmodern paintings

Eric Sall made an awesome and big oil painting which represents our show on the Denise Bibro website

Brenda, Don Osmond, Ashley, and Kim

Collin Mapp apparently growing the head of Erin Enke

Joseph McSpadden greeted the doorway with even more stretched and sculpturally bold advancements in his ouvre.

Eric Sall at the left, his painting in the back

Bruce Pearson

Designers Chris and Brooke Romney paid a visit from Brooklyn

Jeffrey and Chris figure out they know the same people and therefore should be friends

Richard Roth, Rachel Hayes piece in back

The after party was claustrophobic


grittypretty said...

wow- this post made me feel like i went to the funnest art party ever! and now i "know" some of your new people. are you EVER coming back?

Don said...

As always... Love the pictures Jared!