Friday, June 15

one million sneak peaks into the vcu takeover of chelsea

All this week the painters have been getting the Denise Bibro gallery ready on 20th street, four stories above the street.

Eric Sall, wife Rachel Hayes (her piece in background), and Lauren Clay (her piece in foreground) contemplate the best lighting for Eric's enormous painting.

Andy Kozlowski and his wife, Nicole Andreoni, making one million rolls of blue tape for his now legendary proliferation of graph paintings.

Lauren Clay unruffles her paper feathers

Lauren and Aaron feeling the relief of finding the perfect apartment after days of househunting in Brooklyn.

Heather Harvey gets to stick it to the white box gallery man by drilling one million holes into the wall in the name of Art.

Eric takes care of the lighting.

Meanwhile, downstairs at Kim Foster Gallery, the sculptors flex their 3-D muscles.

Miriam and Ewers and Tim Devoe make a whale.

Jnel Iglesias embeds a video into the drywall

And Angie strings up some ceramic cup fragments to be played by a spinning turntable

The show is tomorrow night!


D/B/c/m said...

oooooo, looked like such a great show! wish we lived on that coast...

your piece looked amazimg (saw in in the backgroung). sigh.

JayMoo and Stephoin said...

Da show twas piomp. Thanks for displaying - especially Jared and of course corn painting guy.