Thursday, June 21

one million artists beating me at my games

Last night as I was leaving Andy and Nicole's "So You Think You Can Dance" party I picked up two volumes of "Modern Painters" he was tossing and was quickly shown three ways I am being beaten at my own aesthetics.

1. one million paintings of singular closed forms

Allan McCollum has a system to make enough unique shapes "for every person on the planet"

2. orange amorphous paintings leaning towards sculpture

I actually saw this Oursler show in Chelsea and so the shock happened in real life.

3. a tendency to tree installations

Kicking my butt with TreePants!

McCollum, Oursler, Coffin: 3
Clark: 0
All right, Modern Painters, you may have won this round! but maybe Art in America will make me feel better...


Cache said...

well, in each case, i'd honestly rather have yours.

stackingchairs said...

I'm still in your corner!! Hit 'em with your left jab!

"" said...

I agree - I'd rather have yours. Loved your show at the Anderson Gallery.